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When artists gift their music (Friday listening)

We love the idea of an artist sharing their work for everyone to enjoy, especially when they make such great music. Originally released on the War on Drugs’ own YouTube channel, this Friday we are listening to A Deeper Understanding, the most recent release from the US band (headed by Adam Granduciel), an emotional journey in the case of Granduciel but some real easy listening for the rest of us. Reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen in some ways. See if you can hear it and enjoy if you have the time!

Click here to listen to the album in full on YouTube

Part of the reason I work on stuff for so long is just because I love working on it. It's not that I'm haunted by some ghost or sound. I just have nothing else to do with my life. Some people like to excessively shop online. I like to excessively rack up studio bills.

Update: Hello Grammy winners for best best rock album, 2018!

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